Reimagining the art of "Creation" is starting a
new chapter of craftsmanship
as one of the brands of Tsuchiya Kaban.

Our goal is to create "Endearing products".
Upholding that goal means
evolving our handcrafted products
to meet today's consumers.

We have decided to use Mylo™,
a next generational, high quality material
derived from mushroom mycelium.

We are one of the early pioneers
working with the Mylo™ material.

Combining innovative mushroom leather with's commitment to stylism and functionality
will lead to the creation of products with innovative values.

"Endearing Products"
with new ideas

The idea of what an "Endearing Product" means
is different from person to person.

The job as a creator is to keep searching
for an ever evolving consumer base.

This is not just reflected in our
product's functionality or design
but also with the fundamental materials
that is at the core of handcrafting our products.

Our journey with Mylo™ started with us talking to
Bolt Threads, a cutting-edge biotechnology company
in the US.

Our strong belief in Bolt Threads'
mission of "From the Earth, for the Future"
led us to form a partnership together.

Meet Mylo™

Mylo™ is made from mycelium, the underground
root structure of mushrooms, an infinitely
renewable resource. Mycelial microfibers
provide a soft feel with fine texture.

Mylo™ was designed to have flexibility,
making it highly versatile to be used
in a variety of products.

The mycelium is grown in less than
two weeks with mulch, air, and water,
allowing Bolt Threads to scale supply.

Product has begun product development with Mylo™ mushroom leather.

iPhone CaseSIZE:H45.0×W30.0×D10.0cm

Opening up the future craftsmanship by
combining two types
of "Creation"

We are fusing innovative "Material Creation"
with "Endearing Product" craftmaking.
The collaboration of Bolt Threads and will spawn a new type of "Creation".

The process of creating an
"Endearing Product" with Mylo™ is under way.

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