Chained iPhone Accessory
Chained iPhone Accessory
Chained iPhone Accessory
Chained iPhone Accessory
Chained iPhone Accessory
Chained iPhone Accessory
Chained iPhone Accessory
Chained iPhone Accessory
Chained iPhone Accessory
Chained iPhone Accessory

Chained iPhone Accessory

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Please refer here for FAQ
Design Patent: #1704740

Wearable iPhone case now with adjustable leather strap.

The strap is adjustable in length from approximately 95cm to 158cm. It can be adjusted to the desired length with the sliding metal fittings to suit your height. It also can be used either around the neck or over the shoulder.
The “Strap Only is designed to be attached to a carabiner by looping at the end of the strap. This eliminates the need to take the smartphone out of a bag or pocket, allowing for stress-free use.

“Card Case", "Wallet" and "Micro Bag" with adjustable leather strap specifications will be available later.

Comaptible Devices
・iPhone 12, 13, and 14 series

・Compatible with magSafe accessories
・Charging is compatible with Apple’s charging cables

・Length:Approximately 95cm~158cm

※Male model: 183cm、Female model: 163cm

Due to the material being genuine leather, the use of MagSafe accessories will leave magnet marks on the back of the main case.

Under certain circumstances, the magnets and electromagnetic fields built into this product may interfere with medical devices such as implanted pacemakers, so please keep away from them.

To prevent the device from slipping out, we would recommend using the MagSafe accessories made by

Material:Waterproof Cowhide Leather by ECCO
Case Material:Polycarbonate

※The iPhone case and the accessory contains magnets
※The strap uses waterproof Japanese cowhide leather

When dirty, brush lightly or wipe with a damp cloth. Please do not use alcohol-type wet wipes. Also, please be careful not to crush it strongly.

Combination of chain and leather materials
adds a touch of sparkling elegance to your style

As an accent to your style, it's a smartphone shoulder strap that can be enjoyed as an accessory.

Crafted with a perfect balance of matte-textured chain and high-quality leather, this item brings a sophisticated touch even to simple outfits.

Fashion-friendly, smooth, and comfortable access design.

You can adjust the length of the leather strap according to your style, making it usable for both neck and shoulder wearing.

Additionally, it is compatible with MagSafe-type chargers that fix and elevate, enabling a more comfortable charging experience.

Question about the product

It is plated with a process called "Pearl Nickel" on top of brass.

We apply plating, so it won't rust immediately. However, if left wet for an extended period, there is a possibility of rusting. Therefore, if it gets wet from sweat or rain, please wipe it with a cloth or similar material. Additionally, when storing for an extended period, avoid high temperature and humidity, and store it in an environment with moderate air circulation.

Please regularly wipe the entire item with a damp, soft cloth, and then dry it with a dry, soft cloth.


防水レザーバックパック スモール トリートメント

Regarding the care for the chain part.

For the metal chain part of this product, if it gets wet, please wipe it with a dry, soft cloth or similar material.

We also recommend dry wiping it after use.

When storing the product, please keep it in a well-ventilated area to avoid trapped air.