iPhone case with Strap Accessory - Black
iPhone case with Strap Accessory - Black
iPhone case with Strap Accessory - Black
iPhone case with Strap Accessory - Black
iPhone case with Strap Accessory - Black
iPhone case with Strap Accessory - Black
iPhone case with Strap Accessory - Black
iPhone case with Strap Accessory - Black

iPhone case with Strap Accessory - Black

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※Design Patent Pending

A wearable iPhone case that allows you to carry your iPhone plus the bare essentials. Choose from three types to suit your lifestyle: a "card case" that can hold a couple of cards, a "wallet" that can carry cards and a small amount of cash, and a "micro bag" that can hold all the small items you keep in your pocket.

The card case, wallet, and microbag can be attached to and detached from the main case at will, allowing them to be used in different ways depending on the situation. In addition, the magnetic attachment to the main case makes it compatible with all MagSafe accessories, such as floating stand chargers and wireless mobile batteries.

The strap is a relatively generous 140 cm in length and can be tied around the neck or worn as a fashion item.

This is an iPhone case that fits the times, suitable for a short outing.

Compatible Device
・iPhone 12、13 Series

iPhone Case with Carabiner
・Compatible with wireless chargers, such as those that can be fixed by MagSafe
・Wired charging is possible with Apple's genuine Lightning cable

Strapped Card Case
Card case thickness:1.3cm
・Strap Length:67.5cm(Distance from the card case to the shoulder)
・Card Holderx2(Fits 3 Cards)
・One card can be stored in the pocket with oval-shaped holes, and up to two cards can be stored in the pocket with an angled slot.

Strapped Wallet:
・Wallet Thickness:2.3cm
・Strap Length:67.5cm(Distance from the wallet to the shoulder)
・Wallet Compartment(Holds a total of about 5 tri-fold bills)
・Coin Pocket(Holds a total of 10 coins or AirTags)
・Card Holderx2(Fits 3 Cards)

Strapped Micro Bag:
・Microbag Thickness:2.8cm
・Fits Airpods
・Strap Length:67.5cm(Distance from the microbag to the shoulder)
・Card Holderx1

※Male Model: 183cm、Female Model: 163cm

We would appreciate your understanding that the use of MagSafe accessories and the use of genuine leather, which is a natural material, will result in magnetic marks on the back of the main case with carabiner.

Since this product is MagSafe compatible, magnets are built into the main case, card case, and wallet. Please be careful to keep the magnets away from magnetic recording media such as electronic devices and magnetic cards, as they may cause malfunctions.

Although a magnetic prevention sheet is used on the back side of the accessory that contacts the main body of the iPhone, we recommend that you use it with the magnetic stripe side of the credit card facing out to avoid magnetic defects.

Under certain circumstances, the magnets and electromagnetic fields built into the product may interfere with medical devices such as implantable pacemakers, so please keep them away from the product.

If the camera is used with an accessory attached to the body case, the upper part of the accessory may be reflected in the camera. When using the camera in wide-angle mode or with a small body case, please remove the accessory.

To prevent the device from slipping off, please do not use the card case/wallet with strap with any other case than objcts.io's body case with carabiner.

Material: Waterproof Leather by ECCO (cowhide)
Case material: Polycarbonate

The main body case and accessories with strap have built-in magnets.
Only the strap is made of waterproof shrink leather from Japan.

About maintenance
When soiled, brush lightly or wipe clean with a damp cloth. Please refrain from using alcohol-type wet wipes. Also, please be careful not to crush it strongly.

The carabiner that goes through the strap may peel off some of the paint as a result of use.

Beautifully maneuverable and
smooth scene development
to become one with your iPhone.

The luxury experience that takes you
beyond empty-handed and into freedom.
A highly mobile iPhone case.

Choose from 7 sizes and 2 accessories.

Additional functionality
on the back of the iPhone.

Smooth and comfortable
access design that maintains
affinity with fashion.

Accessory Types

Card Case

Strapped iPhone accessory
that could fit cards such as
ID and credit card.

Slim size that excel at
making devices easy to hold,
minimizing the amount of items
you have to carry.


A compact wallet that
allows you to carry
the minimum amount of cash you
along with your device.

It has a vertical and horizontal double closure
and can hold up to 3 cards,
5 tri-fold bills and 10 coins.

Additionally the coin pocket
can also hold an AirTag.

Mirco Bag

A micro bag that allows you
to carry your ID and credit cards
along with the small items
you usually carry in your pockets.

Neatly holds AirPods, keys,
lips, eye drops, and etc.
Smartly go out for lunch,
a break at a café.


How to handle and care

Although a magnetic prevention sheet is
used on the back of the accessory,
please avoid prolonged storage
of cards facing magnetic side.
It may affect electronic devices
and magnetic cards in long term.

MagSafe iPhone Case

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