Washable Leather Tote

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This high-quality tote bag is made of ECCO LEATHER's washable "Laundered" leather, which is washable and dryable, and can withstand rough daily use.

It features specifications that allow the bag to be kept hygienic by washing it, as well as being an eco-friendly bag that can be rolled up into a main bag and kept on hand. The softness created by prolonged use and laundering gives the bag a good sense of comfort and a supple, high quality feel to your daily outfits.

The simple design of the bag allows you to keep it even if your fashion style changes, and its durability and design make it attractive in terms of longevity. The handle is also ingeniously designed to give it a clean, uncluttered appearance.

Please refer to Material + Care below for precautions when washing and drying.

Size: (W)38.5cm-(H)40.5cm
height including handles: 70.0cm
Weight: 560g
Fits MacBook Pro 16inch
※Since the bag itself does not have a cushioning function, we recommend that the PC be stored in a protective case.

Exterior material: ECCO LEATHER washable leather (cowhide)
(Please note that the color may migrate to the leather when used with denim jackets and other easily color-faded jackets.)

Interior material: Lightweight polyester fabric

About maintenance :
If soiled, the bag can be hand washed or turned inside out and machine washed. The dryer cannot dry the four corners completely, so please hang it on hangers, etc. and hang it in the shade or dry it in the bathroom after turning it inside out and hanging it in the dryer. Please note that using clothespins may leave marks on the fabric.

When washing, please hand-wash or use the mode corresponding to hand-wash of the washing machine.

After washing and drying, the fabric will wrinkle and shrink lightly, and the overall texture will become soft and fluffy. If you wish to enjoy a wrinkle-free texture, please use without washing.

Please refrain from using alcohol-type wet wipes.

Due to the nature of the leather material, Off White will turn slightly yellow with age as it tans.

High quality, and long-lasting.
Elevate your daily style with
Washable Leather Tote

Now that sub-bags are
being used in various situations,
what we pursued is convenience
along with style.
The washable yet elegant material makes this a simple tote
that can be used for
a long time without hesitation.

Washable materials and
simple construction for daily use

"Laundered" washable leather by ECCO LEATHER
is used, which has a durability of
not being damaged even if it is
rolled up or washed.
The simple structure and the perfect length
of the handles provide portability and
smooth loading and unloading of contents.



Off White



Handle and care of Leather Product

After washing and drying,
light wrinkle and shrinkage will occur,
and the overall texture will be soft

If you would like to enjoy
the bag without wrinkles,
please refrain from laundering.

For more details
check Material + Care