Magsafe iPhone Case + Crossbody Accessories Set - Gray
Magsafe iPhone Case + Crossbody Accessories Set - Gray

Magsafe iPhone Case + Crossbody Accessories Set - Gray

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Design Patent: #1704740

Wearable iPhone case now with adjustable leather strap.

The strap is adjustable in length from approximately 95cm to 158cm. It can be adjusted to the desired length with the sliding metal fittings to suit your height. It also can be used either around the neck or over the shoulder.
The “Strap Only is designed to be attached to a carabiner by looping at the end of the strap. This eliminates the need to take the smartphone out of a bag or pocket, allowing for stress-free use.

“Card Case", "Wallet" and "Micro Bag" with adjustable leather strap specifications will be available later.

Comaptible Devices
・iPhone 12, 13, and 14 series

・Compatible with magSafe accessories
・Charging is compatible with Apple’s charging cables

・Length:Approximately 95cm~158cm

※Male model: 183cm、Female model: 163cm

Due to the material being genuine leather, the use of MagSafe accessories will leave magnet marks on the back of the main case.

Under certain circumstances, the magnets and electromagnetic fields built into this product may interfere with medical devices such as implanted pacemakers, so please keep away from them.

To prevent the device from slipping out, we would recommend using the MagSafe accessories made by

Material:Waterproof Cowhide Leather by ECCO
Case Material:Polycarbonate

※The iPhone case and the accessory contains magnets
※The strap uses waterproof Japanese cowhide leather

When dirty, brush lightly or wipe with a damp cloth. Please do not use alcohol-type wet wipes. Also, please be careful not to crush it strongly.

In pursuit of comfort and beauty
that does not choose its owner.

Everyone can carry it freely,
regardless of style or occasion.
The uncompromising craftsmanship,
creates a sense of exaltation.

An iPhone case that fits
a wide range of owners.

Use according to the any scene.
The simplest design that
enables stress-free operation.

Can be used for both neck and
shoulder hanging by adjusting
the length of the strap
according to your style.

The iPhone body case with carabiner
has a built-in magnet and
is compatible with MagSafe chargers.

Accessory Types

  • iPhone case with Adjustable Strap Accessory - Gray


Card case for 2 or 3 credit cards or ID cards.

The slim design makes
the device easy to hold
and minimizes the amount of
card-carrying luggage.


A compact wallet that
allows you to carry the
minimum amount of cash
you need along with your device.

It has a vertical and horizontal
double closure and can hold
2 or 3 cards, 5 bills,
10 coins, and an AirTag
in the coin pocket.

  • iPhone case with Adjustable Strap Accessory - Gray
  • iPhone case with Adjustable Strap Accessory - Gray


A micro bag that allows you
to store your ID and credit cards
with the small items you
usually carry in your pockets.

You can store your items such as
AirPods,keys, lips, eye drops,
neatly in one place.

Smartly carry them with you
when you go out for lunch,
to a cafe for a break,
or for a meal on a business trip.


Thick Strap

A core material is placed in the strap
to give it a three-dimensional appearance.

The added shading gives the straps an elegant look.

iPhone case with Adjustable Strap Accessory - Gray

Loop for enhanced durability

The loop at the end of the strap
is made of different leather
on the front and back surfaces
for improved durability.

You can safely carry your iPhone
around your neck or on your shoulder.


One card is recommended in the pocket with the oval-shaped hole on the left side of the card case, and up to two cards are recommended in the right side pocket with the slanted slot.

The right side has a built-in magnet in conjunction with the MagSafe function. For this reason, we recommend that credit cards be stored with the magnetic stripe side toward the front.

Please note that if you store credit cards with the magnetic stripe side facing down for an extended period of time, there is a possibility that magnetic problems may occur.

The "Adjustable Strap Accessory + iPhone Case Set" uses the MagSafe technology from the iPhone 12 series, so we do not plan to develop a product that is compatible with iPhones prior to the 12 series.

The "Adjustable Strap Accessory + iPhone Case Set" is a combination of the carabinered iPhone case and accessory. If you order only the carabinered case, the strap is not included.

Please note that the strap is sewn on the accessory side and cannot be removed.

Yes, you can only buy either carabinered iPhone case or strapped accessory

Check Carabinered iPhone Case
Check Strapped Accessory

Yes, you can charge your phone with either lighting cable or MagSafe compatible charger when the case is on.


How to handle and care

Although a magnetic prevention sheet is
used on the back of the accessory,
please avoid prolonged storage
of cards facing magnetic side.
It may affect electronic devices
and magnetic cards in long term.

iPhone case with Adjustable Strap Accessory - Gray