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A waterproof leather iPhone case is now available to maximize MagSafe functionality. The magnetic force of the main case makes it compatible with various MagSafe accessories such as standing chargers and wireless mobile batteries. The design blends in well with suits, making it ideal for formal occasions.

iPhone 12,13 Series

・Compatible with MagSafe accessories
・Chargeable with Apple’s lightning cable

We hope you understand that the use of the MagSafe accessory and the magnet leaves marks on the back of the main body case. Due to the use of genuine leather, which is a natural material.

Since this product is MagSafe compatible, a magnet is built into the case. Please be careful to keep the magnets away from magnetic recording media such as electronic devices and magnetic cards, as they may cause malfunctions.

Under certain circumstances, the magnets and electromagnetic fields built into the product may interfere with medical devices such as pacemakers, so please keep them away.

Material: Waterproof Cowhide leatherby ECCO
Case material: Polycarbonate

※ The case has a built-in magnet.

If the case gets dirty, please brush it lightly or wipe it with a cloth moistened with water. Please refrain from using alcohol-type wet wipes. Also, please be careful not to crush it strongly.

A looks that is also
suitable for formal occasions,
with comfortable usability with
Magsafe features.

What we seek in an iPhone case
is a quality that enriches your heart,
a occasionless design,
and functionality that is
in tune with the times.
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Simple and comfortable
Magsafe compatible iPhone Case

The magnets on the case makes it
compatible with all MagSafe accessories,
including floating stand chargers
and wireless mobile batteries.

Accessory Types

iPhone Case

A simple case with MagSafe compatibility
wrapped in waterproof leather.
Suitable for those who do not need to
carry their cards and cash
integrated with their iPhone.

Strapped MagSafe
iPhone Case

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Handle and care of Leather Product

Please avoid prolonged storage with
the magnetic surface adhered,
as it may affect electronic devices
and magnetic cards.

For more information
please refer user guide.