Cable Bands

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A set of leather cable bands that puts together the cables gets tangled in a backpack. Three sizes are available: Small for earphones, Medium for iPhone charging cables, and Large for Laptop charging cables, so you could use it in any situation. In the center of the cable, leather was cut into a sharp trapezoid, and a sponge work was placed in the center to accentuate the design.
Large / H11.0cm, W0.2cm, T0.25cm
Medium / H9.0cm, W0.2cm, T0.25cm
Small / H8.0cm, W0.2cm, T0.25cm
Large / 5.0g Medium / 4.5g Small / 4.0g
Material: Cow Leather
Made in Japan

About Maintenance:
If it gets dirty, brush it gently or wipe it with a moistured cloth.
Please refrain from using alcohol-type wet tissue.

Carry Accessories Smart.
Beautiful Cable Bands for
Creative Workscenes.

High-quality leather texture for
small items on the palm of your hand.
Three-dimensional sponge work and
chic painting on snaps deepen the elegance of the cable bands.

Flexible and durable.
Compatible with various cables.
Convenient sets of
Small, Medium and Large

Solid snap makes it easy to open and close.
Small size for earphone,
Medium size for smartphone charger,
And Large size for Laptop cables.


Cable Bands Black

Cable Bands White Beige


Handle and care of Leather Product

Due to the characteristic of the material,
We recommend handling it with some care
and avoid crushing it strongly.