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The Moore series "Laptop Case" has pursued the beauty and functionality that enables smooth retrieval of a laptop. Sponge work which is applied to the soft backpack was also applied to the laptop case and is used as an accent for the design. We hired magnetic openings for the slits so that you can feel stress-free when you need to take out the laptop. It is compatible with 12 and 13inch laptops, and although it is made by full cow leather, it features a light weight of 275g. It is a luxurious Laptop Case that combines functionality and smart design.

Weight: 275g
Compatible Devices:
MacBook 12inch / MacBook Pro 13inch Late 2016 and beyond
Insertion slits are magnetic.

Material: Waterproof shrink leather (Cow Leather)、Polyester fabric
Made in Japan

About Maintenance:
If it gets dirty, brush it gently or wipe it with a moistured cloth. 
Please refrain from using alcohol-type wet tissue.

Presence like a bag
Stylish design
that you could carry on its own.

A laptop case that easily could become flat
was made three dimensional with sponge work.
We pursued the balance of
smartness that can be held like a bag
and a cushioning that protects your laptop.

Lightweight though its full leather.
Magnetic slits for smart laptop loading

Magnetic slits were cosidered
for smooth laptop insertion and drop protection.
While it consists of full leather,
it only weighs 260g and be carried around without any stress.


Laptop Case Black

Laptop Case White Beige

Gray - Limited -


Handle and care of Leather Product

Due to the characteristic of the material,
We recommend handling it with some care
and avoid crushing it strongly.