Leather Skin

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A stylish leather skin that adds a warm cowhide texture touch to a Monotonous Laptop. Three-dimensional sponges are placed on the bottom to accentuate the design. It has a three-layer structure in which the core material is sandwiched between two layers of cowhide, making it difficult to lose its shape.
Three sizes12inch, 13inch, and 15inch are available in a calm black color that is not too assertive in the business scene. Enjoy a pleasant leather feel every time you open your device.

12inch / H170mm, W255mm, Thickness1.5mm
13inch / H182mm, W273mm, Thickness1.5mm
15inch / H210mm, W320mm, Thickness1.5mm
For 12inch / 65g
For 13inch / 80g
For 15inch / 120g
Compatible Devices
MacBook 12-inch Early 2015 and beyond
MacBook Air 13-inch Retina 2018
MacBook Pro 13-inch Late 2016 and beyond
MacBook Pro 15-inch Late 2016 and beyond

Wearing Method:
Double-sided tape is placed on the back edge, so the adhesive surface is exposed and affixed to the device surface. It can be reused if you slowly remove them, but please note that the adhesive strength weakens each time you take it off.

Material: Cow Leather
Made in Japan

About maintenance:
If it gets dirty, brush it gently or wipe it with a moistured cloth. Please refrain from using alcohol-type wet tissue.

Giving your device
A unique personality
Quality Leather Skin

Give a monotonous laptop
a unique personal expression.
Leather skin will enrich
the sensibility of user with the texture of leather
transmitted through their fingertips.

Elegantly using a sheet of leather.
Sponge work gives an accent
That makes the leather look attractive.

Available in 12, 13. and 15-inch sizes.
Sponge work, the sign of objcts.io, adds an extra accent.
Easy set-up with double-sided tape on the back.


Leather Skin Black

Leather Skin White Beige


Handle and care of Leather Product

Due to the characteristic of the material,
We recommend handling it with some care
and avoid crushing it strongly.