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Moore series "utility pouches" are tech-friendly pouches that can neatly organize the small accessories for devices.
With minimum stitches and a hidden zipper, it has a clean appearance. By choosing a minimalistic design, we pursued a more sophisticated feeling of leather.
Inside, there are two pockets for laptop chargers, two pockets for mobile batteries, and two bands for cables. The large internal structure makes it possible to store a Bluetooth mouse, trackpad, Kindle, etc., but the pouch itself only weighs about 210g.
This pouch is necessary for innovators who carry attachments in various sizes and shapes and want to carry them in a beautifully organized way.

Size: (W)23.5cm-(H)15.0cm-(D)7.5cm
Weight: 170g
Pocket Available:
Mobile battery pocket×2
Cable Pocket×2

Material: Waterproof Shrink Leather (Cow Leather)
Made in Japan

About Maintenance:
If it gets dirty, brush it gently or wipe it with a moistured cloth. 
Please refrain from using alcohol-type wet tissue.

All in one
More you use, More you realize
the convenient pouch.

A dedicated pouch for gadget accessories.
It is made of luxurious all leather.
Assuring the use with a bag,
we designed to be smart and minimal.

Laptop Charger can fit.
A pouch with
Dedicated pockets

We made necessary pockets for
various gadget accessories.
You can fit thich device accessories elegantly
in this beautiful and simple pouch.


Utility Pouch Black

Utility Pouch White Beige

Gray - Limited -


Handle and care of Leather Product

Due to the characteristic of the material,
We recommend handling it with some care
and avoid crushing it strongly.