Flat Leather Tote

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This tote bag is made of waterproof leather and can be used on and off the job. The bag is equipped with two layers of pockets inside for comfortable daily use as a main bag. The inner mini pocket can hold a smartphone and keys, while the outer fold-out pocket can hold a wallet, paperback, wireless earphones, and other items while keeping them organized for smooth access.

The minimalist tote is made of a single piece of seamless leather on both sides, and has a simple design that blends in with a wide range of fashions, from casual to beautiful, with a design that will never grow tired of being worn. It has a clean, uncluttered appearance that can be used without hesitation in a variety of situations.

In order to ensure sufficient durability as a main bag, we have also devised a three-fold handle structure and stitching to create a product that can be used for many years to come.

It is available in three colors: Black, Off White, and Gray.

Size: (W)38.5cm-(H)40.5cm
height including handles: 70.0cm
Weight: 530g
Fits MacBook Pro 16inch
※Since the bag itself does not have a cushioning function, we recommend that the PC be stored in a protective case.

Inner Pocket x1 (Could fit mobile charger and charging cables)
Small pocket located inside of inner pocket.(Could fit smartphones and keys)

Exterior material: Waterproof leaather (cowhide)
(Please note that the color may migrate to the leather when used with denim jackets and other easily color-faded jackets.)

Interior material: Lightweight polyester fabric

About maintenance :
If soiled, the bag can be hand washed or turned inside out and machine washed. The dryer cannot dry the four corners completely, so please hang it on hangers, etc. and hang it in the shade or dry it in the bathroom after turning it inside out and hanging it in the dryer. Please note that using clothespins may leave marks on the fabric.

Please refrain from using alcohol-type wet wipes.

Due to the nature of the leather material, Off White will turn slightly yellow with age as it tans.

Light Flat Leather Tote
with quality and functionality
will enlighten your day

A tote bag that combines
elegance and ease of use
for both work and daily use.

Luxuriously tailored with
a single piece of waterproof leather.

Support your day with
double layered pockets.

For stress-free access to
items in the bag,
the interior is equipped with
double layered pockets to
hold all the small items
that are often lost in the bag.

Flexible functionality allows
the bag to be used freely
according to the occasion.



Off White



Handle and care of Leather Product

Due to the characteristic of the material,
We recommend handling it with some care
and avoid crushing it strongly.