From "storage" to "connection." What is a Crossbody iPhone Case" that blends in with the body

crossbody iphone case is a phone that designed to blend seamlessly with your body and provide hands-free lightweight support for phone.
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In this article, I will share the development process of our crossbody iPhone cases, as well as actual user reviews.

I will also share my own perspective on what makes this type of phone case unique and how it can benefit those who appreciate craftsmanship and attention to detail.


A Decision to Trust the Users' Voices

In August 2020, I made the decision to trust the voices of our users and began the development of iPhone shoulder cases.

The goal was to create a product that would support hands-free and light trips, with the belief that it would enrich people's lives in the future.



Understanding the user's feelings

When developing our products, we always kept the user's perspective in mind. 

We observed the changes that occurred in people's lives while using existing products and identified areas of dissatisfaction. 

These included issues with the existing products:

- Too casual and doesn't fit with some outfits
- Not easy to put on and take off, so it gets in the way.
- A lack of excitement about using the product.

But I also found good points such as:

- Smooth payment with Apple Pay
- No need to worry about dropping my phone
- Easy to pick up while looking around.

I often find myself in situations where I need to make a quick payment or access my phone without having to take it out of my bag or pocket, for example, in a Kiosk for small purchases like snacks.

Drawing from my own experiences, I moved forward with the production of a prototype for the iPhone shoulder case, with the aim of addressing these specific needs and pain points.

Production of the prototype

During the development process, I show you our first rough sketch to Ohno, the designer who helped me with the project. 

I was initially uncertain about the roughness of the sketch, but seeing the rough sketches of famous architects gave me the courage to move forward.

Together with Ohno, we discussed and finalised the most important structure for the case, which was the ability for the accessories with straps to be detached from the main case and used independently.

We did this while holding a mockup (a prototype made of alternative materials) in our hands.

 Here is the first sample completed based on the mock-up.

The first sample had a rugged finish with all the features we wanted.

However, we made sure to include everything we wanted to do, even if there were concerns before fabrication.

This was because we believe that if you avoid concerns from the beginning, you can only create what you can imagine in your mind. 


Polishing the product

Once the first good sample was completed, the development policy became clear.

We focused on improving the usability of the product by refining the storage and making it easier to attach and detach accessories.

Six months after the start of development, the first sales model was decided.

With repeated updates through various trials and errors, we are now able to offer three types of accessories with length-adjustable straps in three different colors. 


Wallet type - Black

New color Gray



As a product that has been in development for more than two years and continues to be updated, we believe that these items have the potential to transform the lives of its users.


Freedom from unnecessary constraints

We receive feedback from people who have actually used our products:

- I love the design, the texture of the leather, the color, everything. This is functional beauty.
- I fell in love with the sophisticated and lean design
- This is the best product that contains my ideal.

As a creator, receiving feedback and positive comments from customers brings great joy and satisfaction.

These are received from our customers through various channels such as stores, interviews, and surveys: 

- I can go anywhere with one of these.
- So comfortable! I can't live without it anymore!
- Walking with my child has become so much easier.
- Very useful for a quick lunch or when out and about!

A comfortable life free from small stresses.

This is exactly what I want to achieve with our Crossbody iPhone case.

Our goal at is to "free people living today from unnecessary restrictions" by providing them with functional and stylish products that do not restrict their activities.

This is the story that brought us to our goal.


Imagine a world without bags.

Life would be greatly restricted and one would not be able to go out in peace.

With bags, one can go anywhere.

The evolution of bags brings freedom.

If the creation of a free work style that people today feel comfortable with leads to the establishment of diverse work styles, then we need beautiful bags that do not restrict the behavior of the people who use them.



Louis Vuitton has driven people to travel and show them a new world, and Hermes has made women more free to be active outside the home.


Many luxury brands that originated from bags have played an important role in creating new cultures and bringing freedom to their users. 


What is a "Crossbody iPhone case"?


From my perspective, the "Crossbody iPhone case" is an interesting concept.


While the iPhone and luggage have the aspect of increasing freedom by reducing the distance between the user and his/her body (mainly mental distance), the sense of blending into the body without interfering with the user's style is like clothing.

Even if it looks like a piece of clothing, if it does not have functionality, it cannot enhance the degree of freedom, and even if it has functionality, if it does not fit the user's sensibilities and body like a piece of clothing, it cannot be integrated into daily life.

It is important for "clothes" and "bags" to merge comfortably and for users to feel a connection with their own bodies in order to change their lives.

Some women's clothes do not have pockets, and when I put something in my jacket, I worry that I might drop it before I know it.

In other words, how light you can be and how secure you feel is important, and the "Smartphone Shoulder" gives you that peace of mind.

By increasing the user's freedom, it encourages unexpected encounters with people, music, books, and restaurants.

It is a very happy moment. User's voices prove it.

We hope you will feel this good feeling.


It would be a great pleasure if our products could be the first trigger.