Making Innovator's Days Convenient and Beautiful

"Create bags that we want."
objcts.io's product development started
from this simple desire.
What we carry is a MacBook by Apple.
Its minimalist design matches
the worldview that objcts.io seeks.

Then why not create a product
for those who also carry a MacBook,
especially innovators
who catch up with new information
quickly and live in an ever changing world?

Once the concept was finalized,
the pursuit of suitable materials
and design began.

Carry your favorite device beautifully

Not only do we want to support
innovators' days with lightness and beauty,
but we also want to stimulate
their creative thinking by
noticing the details of our products.

Through the challenges that lead
to the completion,
our goal of products also
becomes clearer every day.

We will continue to create functional
and high quality products that
combine technology and classic materials.