How to choose a crossbody smartphone case that fits you

Now that the world has gone cashless, people can go out with only a smartphone and the minimum amount of luggage needed.

What we recommend is a "crossbody smartphone case" type item that allows you to travel without any hand luggage.

At, we offer crossbody smartphone case that are both aesthetically pleasing, like clothing that can be worn without compromising the user's fashion style, and functional, allowing for a light trip in both body and mind.

We would be happy to be of help to those who are having trouble choosing the right item.



Magsafe iPhone Case + Crossbody Accessories Set 

This is a wearable smartphone case set that allows you to carry your iPhone plus the bare essentials.

The strap can be adjusted to any length with the sliding metal fittings to suit your height, build, and the day's coordinates, and can be worn either around the neck or over the shoulder. The design is simple, yet elegant. A core material is inserted into the strap to give it a bulge and "fleshing" to add a three-dimensional effect.

Three types of accessories are available to choose from: "strap only," "card case," "wallet," and "micro bag," to suit your lifestyle.


Main features
Magsafe compatible

The built-in magnet in the iPhone case with carabiner allows MagSafe-compatible accessories to be used without compromising the magnetic force while the case is still attached.


Smooth and comfortable access design

The accessory with strap is connected to the iPhone case by a magnet and carabiner. It can be attached or detached, and can be used freely according to the scene and style of the day.


Two materials with different characteristics uses the standard material "waterproof leather" for "Black" and scratch and stain resistant embossed leather for "White Beige" and "Gray".



The simplest model with an adjustable strap, recommended for those who want to carry their wallets and card cases separately and hang only their iPhones on their shoulders.

The loop at the end of the strap can be smoothly attached through the carabiner of the iPhone's main body case.

Since the connecting part does not rotate, the iPhone can be carried with peace of mind without flipping over and damaging the screen.

Card Case

The "card case" can hold 2 or 3 cards such as credit cards or ID cards. In order to prioritize the operability of the device, we have reduced the number of items that can be stored to a minimum, making the entire product thin and compact.

The design of this item is appealing because it allows users to easily move around with both hands free after holding up their smartphone to a station ticket gate or a payment terminal at a restaurant.


The "Wallet," which has a double opening and closing design, can hold 2 or 3 cards, 5 folded bills, and 10 coins, and the coin pocket can also hold an AirTag.

This item is recommended for those who prefer a minimalist style of outing, where an iPhone and a small wallet are all that is needed when going out. With the carabiner, you can also carry items you need when you go out. We encourage you to customize it to suit your own style.

Micro Bag

In addition to your slightly thicker AirPods, lips, car keys, etc., the "Micro Bag" can also hold your ID and credit cards in one place. This item smartly leads you through small outings, such as when wearing clothes without pockets, at lunch, or on a business trip.

At home, you can keep the Micro Bag at your doorstep and act with only your iPhone case, so you will experience the comfort of using it in every situation.