Wallet Bag
Wallet Bag
Wallet Bag
Wallet Bag
Wallet Bag
Wallet Bag
Wallet Bag
Wallet Bag
Wallet Bag

Wallet Bag

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※Checkhere for the shade of White Beige

A waterproof leather wallet bag that functions as a smart phone pouch and a wallet is just one of the new normal products being sought after today. Because it is a compact and simple item, we aimed to create a design with style that is not only functional.

The beautiful lines integrated with the strap make this wallet bag unique. Light and comfortable, yet luxurious. You can enjoy coordinating it with both casual and dressy outfits.

Strap Length:58cm(Distance from the main body to the shoulder)
Weight: 105g

Width of compartment:9.5cm
Height of compartment:17.0cm
Smartphone pocket (fits up to size of iPhone 12 Pro Max with thin case)
Card Holderx3
Zipper pocket (also has an inside pocket for separate storage of bills and coins)

※Male Model:178cm、Female Model:163cm

Exterior Material: Waterproof Cowhide Leather and Canvas(Please note that the color may migrate to leather and canvas when used with denim jackets and other easily color-faded jackets.)
Interior Material: Waterproof Cowhide Leather and Lightweight polyester fabric

When dirty, brush lightly or wipe with a damp cloth. Please do not use alcohol-type wet wipes. Also, please be careful not to crush it strongly.

※Due to the characteristics of the leather material, White Beige will become slightly yellowish as it ages through sunburn, etc.

Beautiful shoulder line
Comfortable and chic
An impressive、Wallet Bag

The straps and the body of the bag
are seamlessly sewn together
to create a unique and
sophisticated design.
A beautiful Wallet Bag with
luxurious fine leather.

  • ウォレットバッグ 着用 女性モデル
  • ウォレットバッグ
  • ウォレットバッグ 着用 男性モデル
  • ウォレットバッグ
  • ウォレットバッグ ストラップ
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  • ウォレットバッグ
  • ウォレットバッグ 裏ポケット
  • ウォレットバッグ 防水レザー
  • ウォレットバッグ カードホルダー
  • ウォレットバッグ 収納例
  • ウォレットバッグ 裏ポケット 収納例
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Store 10 coins and bills
Pockets for Phone and cards
A smart bag to go out for a short walk.

Comaptible up to iPhone 12 Pro Max
Store your cards and bills securely.
The waterproof leather is
resistant to moisture and dirt
which is suitable for daily use.


Wallet Bag Black

  • ウォレットバッグ Black 1
  • ウォレットバッグ Black 2
  • ウォレットバッグ Black 3
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  • ウォレットバッグ White Beige 1
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  • ウォレットバッグ White Beige 8
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  • ウォレットバッグ White Beige 10

Wallet Bag White Beige

Wallet Bag Off White

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  • ウォレットバッグ Off White 6
  • ウォレットバッグ Off White 7
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  • ウォレットバッグ Off White 10
  • ウォレットバッグ Gray 1
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  • ウォレットバッグ Gray 8
  • ウォレットバッグ Gray 9
  • ウォレットバッグ Gray 10

Wallet Bag Gray


Designer's Note
-Wallet Bag-

Designer Tsunomori's
thoughts towards the product

Check Journal


Handle and care of Leather Product

Due to the characteristic of the material,
We recommend handling it with some care
and avoid crushing it strongly.

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