Revision of Terms of Use Terms of Use

Adopted on January 24th, 2023 (JST)

Tsuchiya Kaban CO., LTD. (hereinafter, “the Company”) operates the cross-border website “” (hereinafter, “the Site”) and defines the Terms of Use (hereinafter, “the Agreement”) as follows:

Before using the Company’s Site, please read the following terms set forth herein. The use of the Site by the user shall be deemed as accepting the terms of this Agreement.

Article 1 Purpose of this Agreement

This Agreement stipulates (1) the rights and obligations of the Company and people who access the Site (hereinafter, “Customer” or “Customers”) and (2) conditions related to the use of the service that the Company provides (hereinafter, “the Service”). The Customer acknowledges that the terms set forth in this Agreement between the Company and the Customer shall come into effect at the time that the Customer uses the Service (purchase of a product via the Service).

Article 2 Amendments

1. The Customer acknowledges that the Company may from time to time amend all or part of the Agreement without the prior consent of the Customer in the following cases: the amendment conforms to the interests of the Customer, the amendment is necessary, and/or if the Company decides such amendment is reasonable considering the amended contents and other factors affected by such amendment. The Company shall make a public announcement or notification in advance to the Customer in the manner that the Company deems appropriate (e.g., through the Site, e-mail, etc.).

2. When all or part of the Agreement is amended, only the amended terms shall apply when using the Site and Customers shall conform only to the amended terms.

Article 3 The Service

The Service means the service provided by the Company to the Customers through sales of its products (hereinafter, “Products”) and any other services related to the Products.

Article 4 Members

The term “Member” as it is referred to in this Agreement shall mean those who (1) acknowledge the terms of this Agreement, (2) applied for registration as a member of the Site, and (3) have been approved by the Company.

Article 5 Membership Registration

1. A Customer who wishes to become a Member shall register themselves by accessing the Site and following the procedures prescribed by the Company for providing the required information on the membership registration page. Registration submitted by an agent shall not be accepted. Upon clicking “CREATE MY ACCOUNT ” on the membership registration page, the membership registration shall be considered complete.

2. The Company may at its discretion cancel the registration if an applicant for membership corresponds to any of the following and such facts become known by the Company.

(1) The applicant has breached the Agreement with the Company in the past, and the applicants membership was terminated as a penalty.

(2) A false statement has been included in the application information.

(3) The applicant has in the past, delayed fulfilling their obligation to make payments, failed to receive the Product for a long period of time, and/or refused to return or exchange a product, or gone into other defaults related to the Service provided by the Company without just cause.

(4) The membership application is determined to have been completed by an agent as described in Paragraph 1 of this Article.

(5) The applicant has performed prohibited acts in the past (specified in Article 14 of this Agreement).

(6) Other reasons, if the Company determines them to be reasonable upon operating and managing the Site.

Article 6 ID and Password Management

1. Members shall be responsible for saving and safeguarding the ID and password they set when registering for membership on the Site.

2. Without the prior consent of the Company, Members shall not transfer, sell, pass on, lend, disclose, or leak their membership ID or password to a third party.

3. Members shall immediately notify the Company of any unauthorized use of the Member’s account known or suspected by the Member.

4. Members shall be solely responsible for failure to adequately safeguard their membership ID or password, its misuse and/or erroneous use, and damages resulting from its unauthorized use by a third party, and the Company assumes no responsibility.

Article 7 Change of Registration Information

1. If changes occur to all or part of the registration information submitted to the Company, the Member shall immediately submit the changes according to the method specified by the Company. In the absence of such changes, the Company shall conduct operations based on the Member’s registered information and all these operations shall be deemed correct and effective.

2. The Company shall incur no liability for damages caused to Members who have not properly submitted changes to their registration information.

Article 8 Suspension of Use of the Service and Cancellation of Membership

The Company may at its discretion suspend the use of the Service, terminate the membership, or take any other measures deemed appropriate by the Company under any of the following circumstances without advance notice. The Company shall have no obligation to disclose the reasons for such measures to the Customer. Even in cases in which the Company suspends or terminates a membership, any Customers subject to such measures will not be exempt from liability, such as payment obligations, that have already occurred due to the use of the Service or other terms of this Agreement.

(1) The membership was revoked or a transaction was suspended in the past due to a breach of any terms prescribed by the Company.

(2) The registered information contains false statements (This includes, but is not limited to, the case where the Member’s address reported at the time of member registration is the address of a forwarding service company designated by the Company.).

(3) The Member has in the past, delayed fulfilling their obligation to make payments, failed to receive the Product for a long period of time, and/or refused to return or exchange a product, or gone into other defaults related to the Service provided by the Company without just cause.

(4) The Member has performed prohibited acts in the past (specified in Article 14 of this Agreement).

(5) The Member is an organized crime group or any member of an organized crime group; has been associated with an organized crime group within the past 5 years; is an associated member of an organized crime group; is a criminal organization falsely registering as a political organization; is an organized crime syndicate; or is in any way equivalent to the stipulations mentioned above; or the Member has committed a violation of the law such as assault, fraud, threats, or business obstruction.

(6) Any other breach of terms (including but not limited to this Agreement) or guidelines specified by the Company.

Article 9 Product Purchases

1. Customers may use the Service to purchase Products, provided that the purpose of purchasing the Product through the Service is limited to personal use. Purchases for the purpose of resale or purchases based on a third party request shall not be deemed acceptable.

2. If a Customer wishes to purchase a Product, the Customer shall follow the procedures separately described by the Company to make a purchase application for the Product.

3. The application page in the preceding Paragraph is operated by Global-e Japan CO., LTD. (hereinafter, “Global-e”), a merchant of record, and the Customer shall apply for the purchase of the Product in accordance with the terms and conditions of sale set forth by Global-e.

4. The Company shall carry out the shipping procedure of the Product in accordance with the instructions of Global-e based on the purchase order from the Customer to Global-e. The Customer shall accept in advance that a contract for the purchase and sale of the Product is formed between the Customer and Global-e and that delivery may be delayed depending on the delivery area and delivery conditions.

5. Only one delivery address can be specified per order. If the Customer wishes to specify more than one delivery address, they will need to place a separate order for each address, and they may be charged for the shipping fees for each order.

* Please note that the Company may not be able to deliver the Product on the specified date and time if the recipient is a corporation or in some areas.

* Please note that delivery may not be made on the specified date and time due to weather and traffic conditions.

Article 10 Payment Method

1. Customers shall pay to the Company the total sum of the sale price of the Product including VAT, shipping fees, and handling fees of the payment of the sale price as shown on this Site.

2. Customers shall make payment using a credit card in the name of the Customer (limited to credit cards specified by the Company), by bank transfer to the Company’s designated account, or other payment methods accepted by the Company.

3. Customers paying by credit card shall be subject to their agreement with the credit card company separately. Any disputes between the Customer and the credit card company related to the use of the credit card shall be settled between the Customer and the credit card company.

4. If Customers make payment by credit card, the Company shall execute the payment procedures at the time the sales contract is formed. If the Product ordered by the Customer is a reserved Product, the purchase price and associated handling fees may be deducted before the purchased Product is delivered to the Customer.

Article 11 Termination of Sales Contract

In any of the following circumstances, the Company may terminate or rescind the sales contract and take other countermeasures deemed appropriate by the Company:

(1) The Customer has performed any of the prohibited acts specified in Article 14 of this Agreement.

(2) The Customer has performed other acts related to their use of the Service suspected or deemed by the Company to be illegal or inappropriate.

Article 12 Returns, Exchanges, and Withdrawals or Cancellations of Product Orders

1. Returns of the Product will be accepted only in the following cases:

(1) The Product is defective

(2) The received Product differs from the order content

(3) The Product is damaged during shipping

(4) The Company accepts the Product as a defective product

(5) The Product that does not fall into any of (1) through (4) above, is received within 7 days, and does not fall into any of the following cases. However, Products that are marked “not eligible for return” on the sales page cannot be returned.

a. The Product has been used

b. The Product is returned without prior notification (please notify us of the return in advance when returning the Product)

c. When 7 days or more have passed since arrival of the Product

d. If the Product (including but not limited to its box and accessories) is damaged, soiled, or broken, or if the Product has an odor, etc.

e. When the Product has been used at least once or when the maintenance has been done to the Product

f. Products that the Company has informed are not eligible for return, such as sale items, discounted items, or outlet items

g. In cases where the package is part of the Product, the package has been opened.

2. The Customer shall apply for the aforementioned Product returns in accordance with the procedures separately determined by the Company. For items (1) to (4) in the preceding paragraph, the Company will bear the cost of returning the Product and either refund the purchase price, etc. paid by the Customer to the Company or offer a replacement. Tax refunds will be refunded based on the Company’s policy. Notwithstanding the above, the Company may not be able to offer a replacement for defective Products due to stockout. For item (5) in the preceding paragraph, the cost of return and any bank transfer charges for refunds shall be borne by the Customer, and the Company shall refund the selling price of the Product at the time of purchase and shall not refund shipping costs.

3. Excluding cases in which liability can be attributed to the Company, orders by the Customer cannot be canceled from the time the Product is shipped until the time the Product is received by the Customer (return of the Product after receipt by the Customer shall be as specified in paragraph 1 of this article).

Article 13 Disclaimer related to the Product

1. Except as provided in the preceding article, the Company shall not assume any liability for damages or any other warranties or burdens regarding the Site and the Products sold through the Site.

2. In case of an inability to deliver due to an unknown delivery address, the Company shall be deemed to have completed its performance of delivery obligations by contacting the Customer at the registered contact information and delivering the Product to the destination specified at the time of purchase. The Company shall be exempt from any obligation thereafter.

Article 14 Prohibited Acts

The following acts are prohibited and are deemed to be a breach of this Agreement. Any Customer who carries out any of the following acts shall be liable for compensation for all damages incurred by the Company or a third party due to their acts:

(1) Acts that cause or may cause inconvenience, loss, or damage to other Customers, Members, third parties, or the Company

(2) Acts that cause or may cause an infringement of intellectual property rights such as copyrights, image rights, character rights, privacy rights, publicity rights, or other rights of other Customers, Members, third parties, or the Company

(3) The use of the Site for business purposes (including reselling the Product or using the Service at the request of a third party without advance approval of the Company)

(4) Acts which do not comply or may not comply with public policy or other laws

(5) The registration of information that contains false or misleading contents

(6) The use, copying, sale, publishing, distribution, disclosure, or similar acts of contents obtained through this Site

(7) The collection, accumulation, or storing of personal information of other Customers, Members, or o third parties

(8) The assignment or passing of membership rights and status to another Customer or a third party or making them exercise such rights

(9) The unauthorized use of the Member’s user ID and password (including allowing a third party to access or use this Service, regardless of purpose, via the user ID and password of the Member)

(10) The act of uploading or sending to this Site, via e-mail or other means, contents such as computer viruses, computer codes, files, or programs designed to interfere with, destroy, or limit the functions of computer software, hardware, and communications equipment

(11) Other acts that the Company reasonably determines inappropriate, such as damage to the Company’s credit.

Article 15 Withdrawal of Membership

1. Members may withdraw their membership at any time in accordance with the procedures prescribed by the Company. Members shall lose their membership when the Company receives an application for withdrawal from the Member.

2. In the event that a Member wishes to completely delete their account information after withdrawing their membership or that a Customer who has not been registered as a Member wishes to completely delete their purchase information, they may review the Privacy Policy of the Company and apply here to request the deletion of their account or information.

Article 16 Suspension and Termination of the Service

1. The Company may terminate or suspend the service in any of the following cases:

(1) Regular or urgent maintenance of the Service system

(2) Regular or urgent system maintenance by a third party who provides services such as payment processing, data analysis, email transmission, hosting service, or customer service on the Companys behalf, or by a third party who supports the Companys marketing, or when the provision of their service is terminated or suspended

(3) Regular Service cannot be provided due to war, rioting, upheaval, labor disputes, earthquakes, eruptions, flooding, tsunami, fire, blackouts, or other emergencies.

(4) Other cases the Company determines that temporary suspension is necessary for the operation of the Service

(5) The provision of the Service has become technically difficult or impossible.

2. In case of termination or suspension of the Service due to reasons stated in the preceding paragraph, the Company shall notify Members in advance, except in case of emergency.

Article 17 Disclaimer

1. In case of links provided by the Site to other websites or resources, or links by third-party websites or resources connecting to the Site, the Company shall not be liable for the content, use, or outcomes (including but not limited to legitimacy, validity, correctness, certainty, safety, currency, or completeness) of the provided link. If the Company reasonably determines that the content of a linked website or resource is illegal or inappropriate for the management/operation of the Site, the Company may delete the linked website or resource without any notification to the Customer.

2. If there are transactions (including but not limited to participation in promotions such as prize competitions) with advertisers who advertise (including but not limited to prize competition advertisements) or promote themselves on the Site, the Customer do so at their own discretion and responsibility, and the Company assumes no liability for such transactions. The Company does not guarantee the contents or terms of any transaction, including payment for the Product, determination of contract terms, warranties, security, or the existence of licenses, and the Company shall not be liable for any damages incurred by the Customer arising from any transaction conducted via advertisements or promotions posted on this site.

3. In any of the following cases, the Company shall not be liable for any damages, losses, harm, etc. directly or indirectly suffered by the Customer due to temporary suspension, termination, or modification of the Service:

(1) The Service is terminated or suspended due to reasons stated in Article 16

(2) The Company is unable to receive the necessary services from contracted telephone operators, shipping companies, or other service providers

(3) There is a technical reason the Company cannot respond

4. The Company shall fulfill its obligation and shall be exempt from liability by processing affairs in accordance with the contents of the Member registration or the Customer’s input.

5. If a Customer causes any damages or harm to other Customers, Members, or third parties through the use of the Service, the Customer shall be liable for all recompense or expenses involved, and the Company shall not be held liable for any damages, losses, or harm.

6. The Company shall not be liable for any damages (any harm including mental distress or other financial loss) caused by the use of the Service (including the provision of information by the Company in connection therewith), excepting when such damages are due to intentional or gross negligence of the Company.

7. If, in the presence of appropriate security measures taken by the Company, Site data has been illegally accessed or compromised by computer viruses causing damages, losses, or harm to Customers, the Company shall not be held liable for such damages, losses, or harm.

8. In case of the Company bearing liability, the liability of the Company shall be limited to direct losses.

Article 18 Intellectual Property Rights

1. All intellectual property rights of the contents provided through the Site shall belong to the Company or a third party who has granted license to the Company. The Terms of Use of the Site do not permit the use of a license to the Company’s website or intellectual property rights related to the Site.

2. Regardless of the purpose, if any act prohibited by domestic or foreign copyright law or other laws such as unauthorized duplication, reproduction, or other unauthorized secondary use of the Company’s content is found, the Company may immediately take legal action.

3. In the event of a dispute with a third party involving violations of the provisions of this Article, the Customer shall resolve the dispute at their own burden and expense and shall not cause any damages, losses, or harm to be incurred by the Company.

Article 19 Handling of Personal Information

Customers shall use the Site after consenting to the Privacy Policy separately established by the Company regarding the handling of personal information.

Article 20 Changes to the Service Contents

The Company may change or terminate the contents of the Service without the consent of the Customer. Regardless of whether the Company changes or terminates the contents of the Service, the Company shall not be liable to any Customer.

Article 21 Miscellaneous

1. The Company may transfer or collateralize to a third party its position or the rights and obligations based on such position to a third party or offer them as security without the prior consent of the Customer.

2. In case a problem arises that cannot be resolved through this Agreement or the guidance of and correspondence with the Company regarding the use of the Site, the Company and the Customers shall negotiate to reach a solution in the spirit of good faith.

3. These Terms of Use are governed by the laws of Japan. If there is a need for litigation regarding the use of the Service, the Company and Customers agree and accept that the Tokyo District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction as the court of first instance.